Lost Blimp Found In 94 Year Old Granny’s Backyard

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 15 2011
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A lost blimp finds its way on a 94 year old granny’s backyard in Ohio, Worthington. The night before she heard a big thump sound in her home but during stormy weather she might thought if was just the strong weather making the noise. The blimp lost in bad weather made it to crash land on the backyard in the middle of the night. It broke free from the Columbus airport and drifted with the weather conditions.

Two miles from where the blimp was supposed to be, flew eastward and landed on Lilian Bernhagen’s backyard. The grand nanny didn’t realized it until the police banged on the door and said that there was a runaway blimp in her backyard.

“I looked out the window and I said, `Wow!’” she said.

“It really is quite an occasion to have a blimp land in your yard,” she said.

Luckily the 128 foot blimp didn’t cause any major damage to her house, but did break some tree line in it’s path down the backyard.

“I didn’t expect to see one on the ground,” she said. “I’ve only ever seen one in the air.” So granny said

For a 94 year old grandmother, it is exiting to have a blimp land on her backyard. She never sop talking about how she discovered the blimp. The blimp was made for a advertising a vodka brand. It is an attraction in 20 different cities. “The next planned stop will be canceled,” said Toby Page the group marketing director of the Lightship Group advertising.

“TLG will investigate what happened, but at this time there’s nothing to indicate that it was anything more than a freak thunderstorm,” he added.


Source: AP News

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