Former Indonesian Cannibal Looking For A Religious Wife

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 15 2011
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Would you want to marry a former cannibal? Here is your chance because Indonesian former cannibal is looking for one. Sumanto was charged and found guilty in 2003 for eating a dead corpse. Digging up a dead woman corpse and eating it is a way, he said, to obtain supernatural powers. Caught red handed eating his magical corpse in 2003, Sumanto was a big controversy in Indonesia. Everyone feared him because he eats human remains. Even his prison mates were to scared to sleep with him in the same room afraid to be eaten alive in their sleep.

Freed in 2006 and Sumanto was then transferred to Haji Mustajab Mental Institution in Karanganyar. Now a softer side Sumanto is shown up after his imprisonment,. He yearns to have a wife and looking forward to anyone who is willing to give him a chance at marriage.

The former cannibal joked when asked what sort of wife he wants and said, “The important thing is, my wife has to be a woman and she has to be religious.

“She doesn’t have to be beautiful but if she looks like (actress and singer) Dewi Perssik, it couldn’t hurt either.”

Good luck to any woman who is crazy enough to marry a cannibal to obtain supernatural powers to be her husband. What happens if he fancies her arm of foot and wants a midnight finger snack? Hope thing don’t go the wrong way with the mariage.

Source: Upi

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