Duh! Toy Truck Number Leads to Sex Line Number

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 11 2011
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A simple and loving gift from a grandmother to her special grandchild turned into a nightmare. A grandmother gave a tow truck to his grandchild as a present but later on she found out that the tow truck number on top of the front tire was turned out to be a sex line. Who would have known that the number, 1-800-FAST-TOW, really existed in real life?

The boy who loves trucks would love one of every each possible fire truck, ambulance, monster truck, cement truck, and of course a tow truck to his collection. This special red Ron’s Tow Truck has a unique number. Anyway, if you have a problem with your car and needs to be towed do not call this number.

It was all started when the grandma came up with an insane idea to call the number on the toy truck and try her luck if it really call Ron’s towing company. But then she only found a sensual women speaking on the other line,”Hey there sexy guy, Welcome to an exciting new way to go live…..”

The number belongs accidentally to a sex line. Mattel, the toy manufacture,r didn’t know it would be a problem because when the toy was made in 2000, the number was not registered to anyone or any service company. Soon after they made a new policy to prohibit any number placed on every toy that will provoke any awkward situations in the future.

If the grandmother didn’t try it out and the boy suddenly had the same idea to call the number it would certainly effect the boy in a weird way. In the other hand, an experience like that would be definitively a fun listening experience for the kid. If you wind a number with a slight chance it could be a sex line, any guy would at least try it.


Source: Gizmodo 

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