A Father Slammed After Letting 2 Deadly Snakes Bite Daughter

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 11 2011
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Yep, you can say that this man is out of his mind, a perfect example of fail role model in the family. In Australia, a father let two deadly snakes bite his daughter in order to prove that the reptiles have been devenomised.

Raymond Hoser, 49, a reptile expert, has been slammed after he let a death adder and a taipan to bite his 10-year old daughter. The Minningham Leader reported the occurrence happened during a demonstration at a Melbourne shopping center.

Hoser is a director of reptile education company Snakebusters. He came up with a video that showed his daughter was “only” bleeding after the snakes bit her. The snakes bit her in the forearm. He said it was a proof that there was no venom in the snakes and his daughter was safe.

He said, “She was only bleeding and if they had been venomous she’d have been dead in two minutes. If I am confident to do that to her, it shows you I have never used a snake with venom.”

Though he claimed that his action was safe but still,  Joe Tucci of Australian Childhood Foundation, argued that children should never be used to make a prove. He said that what Hoser did to his daughter was unnecessary harmful.

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