NASA: Human Ancestors Could Be Aliens

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 10 2011
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NASA found a new interesting theory about human origins. It could be a tough competitor to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, perhaps…

According to NASA research, life on Earth could be originated from the outer space. Recently, scientists have studied carefully meteorites that formed billions of years ago before eventually smashing the surface of the Earth. The meteorites are comprised of elements that have abundant carbons. The elements were discovered to have similar chemical materials to one of the prime fragments of human DNA.

As we know, DNA is human’s element formation of life. The tests conducted by the U.S. scientists, mostly NASA researchers, showed that the existence of the chemicals are not contaminated with the Earth’s elements. In other words, it showed the origins of DNA that may be located in outer space and possibly comes from aliens.

The researchers analysed the chemicals contained in 12 meteorites. They said the result of their study has “far-reaching implications”, as written in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

Dr. Michael Callahan of the Maryland-based organization, Nasa Goddard Space Flight Centre, said, “With meteorites and comets impacting the early Earth, it appears that they did deliver some very important ingredients.”

Previously, researches discovered two of the three meteorites hidden as the life basic ingredients. The ingredients are called as amino acids and chemicals that could make possible the creation of a membrane barrier. The third ingredient is associated with DNA.

Source: Daily Mail

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