Elvis Presley’s Mystery Woman Found

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 10 2011
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The mystery woman finally found and the mystery solved when fifty five years ago the young Elvis at age 21 found kissing a woman at the Mosque Backstage Stairwell Theater. The King of Rock never knew her name neither did the photographer Alfred Wertheimer.

Now the woman has come forward, known as Barbara Gray a 75 years old Charleston resident. She told the Vanity Fair, ”I just wanted to get my name on the damn picture.”

She admitted that she was tired of being known only as the “unknown woman in the wings” and set off to contact Wertheimer after she saw a newspaper article. The newspaper covered Wertheimer’s photo exhibition with a picture of him in front of the picture which was entitled “The Kiss”.

After contacting Wertheimer on Facebook then turned down, she went on the radio and soon after was covered by Vanity Fair.

When they met in person, they spent the day together, and photographer Alfred Wertheimer captured it all. Elvis was found to be flirting with Gray the whole day and soon found a quite spot where they kissed briefly and photographer Wertheimer was at the right moment to take the picture.

Gray subscribes Elvis as ”kind of insecure”, ”a goofy guy from the sticks”, and the first thing she recalled the memory was ”God he’s beautiful.”

The day ended at a New York bound train when Elvis train was about to leave and gray replied, ”So am i.”

People now are asking if the King had ever contacted her after the one day date she simply said, ”I got a Christmas card from him once, but that was it. Shortly after that, I left the state, so I don’t know if he tried to reach me or not.”


Source: Reuters

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