10 Unique Facts About Human Body

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 09 2011
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Human bodies are indeed unique. There are many mysteries that have not been solved yet. Here, I have collected some secrets about the human body. People who put an extra effort to keep their body in shape and always in a good condition should know about these unique facts. I hope it is useful for you. Go grab the knowledge.

1.Every human has a certain odor that is different from one to another unless that human has an identical twin. Babies can recognize their mothers by smelling their distinctive odor.

2. When it comes to the smell identification, women are much better than men.

3. During sleeping time, human body grows around 8mm, but after waking up the next morning the height is back to the former size. It is all because human’s cartilage discs are sponge-like. When we sit or stand, our cartilage discs are squeezed as the impact of gravity force.

4. Human brain is not solid. 80 percent of human brain is water. In other words, you have to drink enough water everyday to keep your brain works appropriately.

5. Right-handed people have a better chance to live longer than the left-handed ones.

6. Most body hair are not significant. It can be removed without any fatal effects.

7. The strongest muscle of every human is their tongue. The tongue is the strongest muscle if we consider the small size. But do not try to lift cupboards bu using your tongue.

8. You have to make sure that you get enough calcium, otherwise your bones will destruct themselves automatically.

9. Those who feel much pain such as headache should try sex intercourse as sex can be used to release the pains and stresses.

10. Men may not be aware of this but most of them are having erections while sleeping.

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