Weird People in Subway (Pictures)

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 08 2011
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There are many things could happen in subway. There are also many people that we could encounter in  the subway. Sometimes we meet a geeky boy playing with his gadget all the time. Some other times we spot a guy with weird superhero outfit sitting or standing in the train without caring for other people who stare directly into his weird costume.  We also sometimes encounter a person who act differently from others like knitting instead of listening to the iPod or reading newspapers. Well, here I have collected some pictures that captured the moments which could only happen in the subway. Check them out.

1. Where are you? We need the Green Hornet here to save the town.

2. Meet the new superhero, the Purple-Pink Subway Man, and his sidekick the Headset Man.

3. I bet he is listening to Jill Scott, or Angie Stone.

4. Aliens will set the subway as a battlefield to fight the Predators, perhaps.

5. Find this man! Or woman?!

6. The Thing, I mean the real The Thing.

7. Good sense of humor, eh?

8. So which one is weird?

9. This man sells hand-made clothes.

10. Pantless bookworms are charming, especially when they are in subway, together…

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