Two Mothers Breastfed the Wrong Babies for 8 Hours

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 08 2011
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A private hospital in Australia apologized for a horrible mix up. Two mothers breastfed the wrong babies after 8 hours of breastfeeding. It happened sometimes when nurses overlooked the name bracelets of the newborn babies.

The hospital is now carrying out tests on the two mothers and babies to confirm exactly the pair of the mother-baby.

The terrible mix up made mother worrying about their babies. They worried if something could happen on the babies after the misbreastfeeding.  The tests do not only to ensure the match of who belongs to who but also to find if any baby has contracted any infection as a result of the mix up.

CEO of St. John of God Hospital Stephen Roberts said, “It is just a terrible tragedy and it’s come to a great shock to us and the families involved. Our protocols and processes broke down and we’re deeply apologetic and regretful for the pain and concern that we’ve caused these families.”

Experts warned of psychological effect on the mother and baby. The incident was not known until family members noticed there was something wrong with the name tag of the babies. Fortunately, they could discover it real soon, otherwise they would bring back home the wrong babies.


Source: Thaindian

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