Jasmine Villegas, Bieber’s Ex, Got A Death Threat

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 08 2011
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Who said being a famous figure is always wonderful? After reading this news, you may want to think twice to be a popular figure. Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Villegas,  got a death threat from a man. The man is called as Steven Cintron. He threatened to kill and rape this 17 years old singer. This 33 years old man also paid someone to kill pop singer Villegas for $5000.

This is a bad time for Jasmine. The rumor that Selena and Justin broke up was appeared in the internet last week and Jasmine was accused as the reason behind the couple’s break up. Some reports stated that Justin’s girlfriend caught him texting Villegas and she called it quits but then this ‘Baby’s’ singer proved that it’s only gossip.

The stalker sent thousands of messages to Jasmine in Twitter. One of the messages was read by Villegas said you are dead; I am going to kill you. This man also made YouTube videos where he appears holding weapons (machete knives and gun). He also threatened to kill her brothers and parents.

In Los Angeles, a judge has given a temporary preventive action to protect Jasmine. The stalker has been blocked in the internet to prevent further contact with Jasmine Villegas. Now, it is impossible for Steven Cintron to contact this girl by using Twitter, email, Facebook and phone as well.

It is sad that a sweet and talented girl like Jasmine has to live in fear. Reader’s don’t you think that the guy deserves a punishment?

This young girl might be facing the worst time in her life right now. That guy should be punished because of his action. It is very likely that Jasmine will have a trauma in her entire life. Don’t you think so?

Source: Daily celebrity 

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