Bride Discovers Groom is Actually a Woman at Indonesian Wedding Ceremony

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 08 2011
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It was a normal wedding ceremony and somehow the wedding was stopped by the bride’s family after the discovery that the groom was a woman. The suspicion of the bride’s family has grown stronger after the groom’s deep and heavy voice changed into a female voice.

Rio, the groom, was pulled out of the wedding and brought to the police station. After the interrogation the chief of police, Krisnandi, said to the newspaper that Rio the impostor groom had the physique of a man and knew the bride for seven months.

To save their face, the family of the bride wanted the wedding to proceed but who will be the new groom, the ex-boyfriend then was the only option. The brides family quickly tracked down the lucky soon to be man and standing in place for the man who turned out to be a women.

Krisnandi said, “The family finally got Kiman, the ex-boyfriend, as the new groom for Nuraini in order to save face in front of their guests.”

Gay couples are rarely seen in Indonesia and just like many other countries it is illegal here, moreover there is an Islamic law that will never give in to same sex marriages. Maybe that is the reason Rio disguised herself as a man to marry the person that she loves, or is she just trying to fool everybody and impersonate as a man for the rest of her life.



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