Unlucky Motorist Drops In Hole

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 05 2011
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Scrap metal thieves stole the cover of a manhole, causing a motorist to plunge unknowingly the time he went to work on his usual route. Early morning commute with motorcycle Zhang Bo never suspected that a manhole cover would disappear on the day he went to work. Changchun capital Jilin Province, where the manhole was stolen by scrap metal thieves. The police couldn’t do anything and commented.

“The manhole cover had been stolen to melt down for scrap. It’s an increasing problem.”

Zhang was taken to the nearest hospital and after the x-rays examination the doctor  found that Zhang suffered a broken jaw, fractured skull, and  needed couples of stitches on his jaw and lips. Hui Shi, a witness to Zhang accident who was behind him, said that the motorist was just unlucky.

“Car wheels were driving either side of the hole but the motorbike was in the middle of the road and just dropped into the hole,” he said.

“The biker was thrown head over heels. It’s cruel but everybody was laughing, despite the man’s injuries.”

Be careful when you drive your bike in Changchun or you might end up like Zhang in a ‘Hole’ lot of trouble.



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