Girls Strip Down to Bikini for Medvedev’s Campaign

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 05 2011
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Three girls strip to show support for the Russian President  Dmitry Medvedev on anti beer drive campaign for the 2012 elections.  These Medvedev’s fans stripped after inspired by rival campaign Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Organized by the popular Russian social network site Vkontakte, the fans set out the campaign and stripped down to bikini in front of the media. Medvedev’s bikini supporters were swarmed by people who were interested to see what was going on. All the journalists and everyone around were invited to fill in their buckets with beer. The buckets had marks drawn at the side indicating when a certain point the alcohol reaches, the three beautiful supporters in bikini would strip of another item that they were wearing.

“We do not want to interfere in their political affairs, we are doing what we want and what we want is to encourage young people to support our president,” the brunette, who was stripping to a hot pink bikini, told the reporters.

“We are not paid. There was an announcement online, and we decided to participate,” said the blond Sirotkina as she walked with black high heels. “The girls are against beer so the girls are offering themselves in return for a promise from young men not to drink?” a young man shouted watching the women strip into eventually nothing.

The Medvedev girls they call it denied competing with rival Putin supporter girls shown in a tandem bike ride saying “i really do like Putin”.

Source: Reuters via Yahoo

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