Extraordinary Japanese Toilets Captured in Pictures

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 04 2011
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Japanese culture is indeed different from Western culture. Japanese people are widely known for their creative and innovative vision in modern technologies. Many sophisticated gadgets and other technological devices are originated from Japan. Japan’s revolution in technology sphere is amazing especially because they were once greatly devastated by the World War II. Here is one evidence of their fantastic discoveries. But we are not discussing about gadgets, we are here to talk about toilet. Check out the development of their toilet’s design. You will be stunned by their excellent vision.

This is an old type of Japanese toilet. This squat toilet is used by noblemen during Meiji Era. Looks very simple and umm… traditional, right? By the way, where is the tissue?

Another Japanese toilet squat, but with a more contemporary design. O, I can see the tissue there, thanks God.

Here we have a sophisticated toilet from Japan. This robotic toilet is wonderful as it comes with automatic lid and automatic rinsing system. No need to use your hands to clean everything. The toilet knows where the dirt is.

This toilet is much more fabulous than the previous one. This futuristic toilet is amazing with massage options, blow dryer, sensory auto lid opening and pre warm and germ resistant seat. The surface of the toilet can glow in the dark. You can listen to the music while “hanging out” in the toilet room.

As we know, natural disasters often occur in Japan. That’s the main idea of the creation of this toilet. People can simply pack the toilet along with their other stuff in case earthquake or tsunami come to attack the island. Or in other words, it is an emergency toilet. Great!

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