Vader Robs Bank Dark Side Prevails

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 03 2011
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A man robbed a bank with Darth Vader helmet and dark blue cape in a bank in Setauket, New York. Armed not only with the force, the Star Wars cosplayer flashed his gun and pointed it to the counter and anybody who walked in his path. The suspect then robbed an undetermined amount of cash from the Chase Bank branch.

When he walked in and said that he is robbing the place, people reaction could only be one thing and that is to laugh, everyone thought it was a joke. But only to find that the robber was serious, one man tried to tackle the sinister Jedi but the attempt seemed unsuccessful, you could see in the picture that the customer failed.

This is the latest successful weird bank robbery. Prior to this Darth Vadder’s robbery case, a bearded lady also successfully robbed a bank in the U.S.  Police and the FBI are still looking for the bearded lady bank robber as till today is still at large. But the police had arrested another suspect of weird robbery where the robber carried flowers and potted plants while robbing a bank.

It seems to find this Darf Vader would be difficult as fans of Star Wars all over the country has at least one of these helmet and to narrow it down to one suspect would be impossible to do.

Anyone with information pertaining to the crime or suspect is asked to call 1-800-220-TIPS


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