Now You Can Rate Your Local Priests

Posted by bizarrecherry | On: Aug 03 2011
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Talking about rating, people  just rate about anything online. The party they just went to, a movie they just saw, restaurant they just eaten in, and sometimes rate their partners and telling it to friends.

Now in Berlin there is a something new to rate. How if you are asked to rate your priest? Yup, you can rate just about everything online these days and now the holy priest the divine spiritual counselor the one you see on Sundays at church the one to tell your sins and pray for forgiveness can now be rated.

HIrtenbarometer (http://hirtenbarometer.de) or Shepherds Barometer is the first online platform where priest of all kind could be rated. From performance in service, project for youth and the elderly, to how update they are with the current news and culture can be rated here.

They hope it will become somewhat of an early alert system so potential problems before the situation becomes an actual problem can be anticipated.

“Many parishes work well but their performance doesn’t become public,” Hahn said of the platform’s function.

“We are overwhelmed by our own success,”

so far 8,000 priests has registered and the option to add more is possible.

Although the site has been proven a hit with users, The Roman Catholic Church the past year has seen parishioners leaving the church. The Protestants believe that the public feedback is positive because of raising interest according to press releases.

Ratings for priest on the site is represented by sheep, where the lighter the sheep wool is the more popular the priest is. As for the darker colored sheep means not to popular.

This will trigger competition in the holy church, and priests will work to improve quality and bring a better service to the people.



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