Zlata, the Most Flexible Woman in the World

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 02 2011
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Meet Zlata, the most flexible woman in the world. This fabulous Russian girl is also known as Rubber Girl as she could bend like a rubber. The 24 years old Zlata has pliable tendons. It is a very rare condition that does not seem happen to people in general. Zlata was once a member of a gymnastic group. Her talent was found while she was in kindergartem. But her stunning skills made other female gymnasts jealous. Later on, she became a member of a circus group that made performances after school times.

In an interview with Mike Sirl, Zlata revealed that she has a favorite contortion position which is pretzel position. She also said that it is quite easy to perform the position. In fact, she can hold the position for hours. Zlata also revealed that she only train her muscles each week. She only does a little train unless an upcoming show is only within few days to come.

Check out her few pictures that show her marvelous abilities. This low profile girl has a very high talent. Check out Zlata’s most astonishing video, too.


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