Bollywood Story of Monkey Marriage in India

Posted by uniquecherry | On: Aug 02 2011
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Monkey is a sacred animal in Hindhu mythology. This animal is worshiped as a resemblance of Hanuman, a hero of Hindhu in his fights against evil. This is a new thing in Bollywood world. A monkey marriage was held in Talwas, northwestern India. The monkeys’ names are Chinki and Raju. This event is very rare. This is a villagers believe that makes it more dramatic by the skepticism of modernism in this era.

Villagers are excited about the marriage since Raju, the monkey, has the similar habit as his owner. They are drinking together, smoking together and sleeping in the same bed. This monkey is able to draw the attention of the villagers whenever he comes out from the house. Ramesh, the owner, is an auto rickshaw driver. He has no child from his marriage and treats his monkey as his child when he found him unconscious.

One day Raju met a priest who also has a monkey, a female monkey. The priest suggested marrying both monkey. Chinki is the name of the female monkey. And so, the marriage was held. The wedding of both monkeys were held in complete rituals just like human’s marriage. The owner told the Weird Asia News reporter, “We will welcome the bride in our house in banetha after the wedding with rituals”.

The monkey marriage is not a legal act in India but they sent hundreds of invitation around the village to celebrate this wedding. There will also a process of Raju riding a horse but they are annoyed by the officials. Raju and Chinki should hide somewhere on the wedding day. There are 200 guards that are ready to confront the wedding and local people. The couple runs into the forest and the female monkey wears vermillion mark on its forehead as other married women in India.

Source: Weird Asia News

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