UFO Sighting in Finland 2011

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 01 2011
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It happens again! The so-called UFO appeared in front of the public and astonished the people. The latest UFO sighting took place in Helsinki on July 23rd, 2011. Someone captured the moment when they appeared and put it on the YouTube.

Just like the common sighting of UFO, this Helsinki UFO was too shy to reveal its own identity in front of the people. The 5 minutes long video that exposed the UFO sighting in Finland was not really conspicuous.

There were four UFOs appeared in the video. At first, the UFOs manifested themselves in sheer red light objects that slowly moved from trees to the air space. Then the UFOs looked like wanted to give signal by blinking as the lights turned red and then white and then red again, continuously.

The person who captured the sighting tried to describe what he saw. When he zoom the objects suddenly they turned orange. It is quite weird. It was obvious that there were more than one person who witnessed the sighting. The witnesses sounded very confused with the things they saw. It was not clear that the objects they captured were really UFOS, but it was very weird to see those kinds of glowing objects flying in the sky at night.

One witnessed then gave his opinion that the objects they captured were not UFOS. They were paper lanterns, some kind of Chinese paper lanterns which were flown in the air. Well, the answer to the mystery has not been found yet. There was no one dared to appear in front of the public and declared that there were paper lanterns.

Check out the video:

source: Examiner

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